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MATE MGA 1100/1100i Digitized

The MATE MGA 1100 is still the analyzer of choice in breath by breath measurement, many cardiac, and pulmonary research facilities. With it's ultra fast response time (<150 ms for all standard gases), short transport time (<300 ms for all standard gases), and all measured gases output simultaneously/parallel (with noise level less than 50 mv for all standard gases), (Freaky Fast MultiGas Analyzer) the MATE MGA 1100 is preferred over many of the newer "updated" scanning units on the market today.

MATE MGA program takes all the analog controls, signals, processed signals, and simply digitizes control and signal outputs.

MATE MGA program is an application designed for auto-control of the operational functions of the MGAs and to digitize all gas signals to be output over a network or analog 0 - 10 VDC.


Complete function of the MGA control is supplied via MATE MGA program including Calibration, Normalization, Standby/On, Clean Cap, etc.

The MATE MGA Program can be used to UPGRADE DIGITALLY all MGA 1100, & MGA 1100i mass spectrometers & is used in MATE MGA 1100 T3

Two MATE MGA 1100 Units Background Removed
4 Gas
All Gas
Breath sampling

For more information please call. (314) 421-0944.     *Legacy MGA 1100 and Legacy MGA 1200.

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