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MATE MGA 1100/1100i SAM

MATE MGA 1100/1100i SAM (Sample Altitude Manager) software & hardware development enables the MGA to automatically adjust its sampling rate during rapid decompressions, when sampling in a hypobaric chamber environment, in lieu of manually using multiple Brooks Tube Capillaries in an attempt to satisfy the MGA target for proper sampling-rate requirements. Sea level to 55,000 feet.

SAM can be added to a MATE MGA 1100/1100i.

Two MATE MGA 1100 Units.png

Precision multi-gas, ultra fast response gas analysis in medical research. Digitized with remote accessibility.

Standard model for N2, O2, Ar, & CO2

Additional gases on request

Typical gases analyzed (Contact us for a complete list):



Carbon Dioxide


Hardware Specifications

Fixed Magnetic Sector Mass Spectrometer

Dual Filaments

Digital Turbomolecular High Vacuum Pump

Oil-less Digital two-in-one Diaphragm Vacuum Pump


Mass range                         2 - 136

Response Time                  Less than 150ms (with 6 foot capillary)

Gas Sampling Rate            60cc/min

Data Sampling Rate:         100Hz Optional 1000Hz*

Data Output Options:

LabVIEW API             via Ethernet TCP/IP

RIO+                          via Ethernet TCP/IP

Modbus**                 via Ethernet TCP/IP

Analog 0-10VDC      via BNC connector per gas

*Analog 0-10VDC data output is limited to 200Hz

**Modbus does not send data at 100Hz and the samples sent may be inconsistently spaced.

For more information please call. (314) 421-0944

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