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Legacy MGA 1100

The MGA 1100 is still the analyzer of choice in breath by breath measurement, many cardiac, and pulmonary research facilities. With it's ultra fast response time (<150 ms for all standard gases), short transport time (<300 ms for all standard gases), and all measured gases output simultaneously/parallel (with noise level less than 50 mv for all standard gases), the MATE MGA 1100 is preferred over many of the newer "updated" scanning units on the market today.

The MGA 1100 Medical Gas Analyzers are fixed collector, magnetic sector mass spectrometers designed for monitoring respiratory, anesthetic and many other gases. These analyzers are currently the most advance instruments available for precisely measuring gas concentrations. They are reliable, stable, extremely accurate, real-time analysis, and have ultra fast response time for multi-gases.

The MGA is the only multi gas analyzer that can provide fast breath-by-breath data.

Base gases are nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. Optional additional gases include: acetylene, argon, neon, sulfur hexafluoride, dimethyl ether, helium, nitrous oxide and water. Other gases are available, please contact for information. (314) 421-0944

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