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MATE MGA 1100i
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4 Gas
All Gas
Not just fast. It's FREAKY FAST!

Introducing the all-new MATE MGA 1100i™, the fastest multi-component gas analyzer for on-line and real-time analysis.

Incorporating industry-proven magnetic sector mass spectrometry, the MATE MGA 1100i leverages a unique fixed Faraday collector architecture that provides unmatched responsiveness and stability. Individual Faraday collectors coupled with the latest in ultrafast, dual-gain electrometer technology delivers analysis of four life gases as fast as 0.1 seconds!

Magnetic sector technology has been leveraged for some of the most cutting edge, demanding applications that require no compromise and are mission critical. Applications including life gas monitoring in space, ambient air monitoring for extended submersion of submarine fleets, military altitude testing and diver pressure training have relied upon the robustness of these systems.

MATE MGA 1100 Unit.png

Key features include:

✔️ Four life gases (N2, O2, CO2, Ar) standard with ability to add up to eight optional additional gas


✔️ Response time for a single 4-gas measurement is 0.15 seconds.

✔️ Stability of measurement is second to none...calibration typically at 6-month intervals

✔️ Up to 16 streams can be multiplexed

✔️ Small physical footprint < 2.5 ft² (0.23 m²)

✔️ Intuitive, easy-to-use LabVIEW™ based MATE software requires no analyzer or mass spectrometer


✔️ Where permitted, analyzer can be fully monitored remotely for predictive maintenance

✔️ Industry standard digital and analog output protocols

✔️ Value driven when compared to other process mass specs

Freaky Fast.jpeg

A signature feature of the MATE MGA 1100i is the speed of analysis of the base four life gases - N2, O2, CO2, & Ar. This technology has been so successful that it has been adopted by military labs and pulmonary research institutes where respiration rates exceeding 60 breaths/minute can be discretely analyzed and transmitted in real-time.

  • T10 - T90 response time in < 150 milliseconds

  • Sampling frequency can be reduced if required

  • Sample transport time varies depending on number of streams and transport distance; at analyzer inlet transport time < 300 milliseconds

Software.  Based on the National Instruments LabVIEW™ platform, MATE keeps it simple, so you can focus on your system’s performance and uptime, rather than worrying about learning another complex spectroscopy software environment. We realize you simply want the data and will manipulate it in your own control systems and environments. That’s why we simplify it.

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​MATE Software - Leveraging Windows® & LabVIEW™ architecture, MATE is designed to be an intuitive, user-friendly interface to the MATE MGA 1100i analyzer. It offers a stable and robust platform with touchscreen and keyboard/mouse interfaces.

  • Features large, easy-to-read display indicators

  • Can view %, ratio or direct voltage

  • Easy green/yellow/red diagnostic indicators


Easy & Intuitive Calibration:

  • Simple calibration procedure

  • View validation/check gas

  • Displays last date calibrated

  • Unique 2-lever cal adjustments

Interface Solutions

MATE understands that in order for an on-line analyzer to produce reliable results, it must be properly interfaced to the process streams as well as the control system. MATE, along with our partners can deliver the interfaces that your application demands.

Interface Solutions.png

Stream Switching and Sample Interfaces

The MATE MGA 1100i is equipped with a standard single inlet, which allows you to both design and control your sample interface. Should you need MATE to provide stream switching, we can optionally offer:

  • Integral to the analyzer footprint

  • 4, 8, or 16 ports

Inlet Valves.png
Diagnostic Support via Remote Connectivity Tools

​Sample Altitude Manager (SAM) - Low Pressure and Flow Applications

  • Developed for mission critical military applications, the MATE MGA 1100i can be equipped with the SAM inlet system in applications requiring low vacuum or low flow requirements

  • Inlet pressure as low as 53 torr (70.7 mbar)

  • Inlet flow as low as 10 cc/minute

Integrated Vacuum & Filament Protection Technology

​Sample Conditioning and/or System Integration

Should your MATE MGA 1100i application and installation constraints require additional sample conditioning systems, analyzer shelters and integration or other global electrical and hazardous area requirements, MATE can connect you with our network of CSI’s – Certified System Integrator partners.

Specifications (base unit)

  • 90° Fixed Magnetic Sector; Fixed Acceleration Voltage (non-scanning)
  • Mass range:                                 2 - 120 amu
  • Number of filaments:                  2
  • Base/Max Gas Components:     4 / 12

  • Dynamic range:                           50ppm to 100%

  • Linearity:                                      < 0.5% of full scale over 10:1 compositional

  • Stability:                                       range of change
                                                         Full Scale Range                        Stability
                                                         100%                                           ±0.10%
                                                         20%                                             ±0.02%
                                                         10%                                             ±0.01%
                                                         2%                                               ±0.01%
                                                         1%                                               ±0.01%

Sample Conditioning Requirements
  • Temperature:                               20-120°C

  • Particles:                                      2 microns or less

  • Condensables:                            None, must be removed prior to entry into MGA

Sample Inlet Requirements
  • Min/Max flow:                             200-1000 cc/min

  • Min/Max supply pressure:          0.5 atm at sea level / 1.5 atm at sea level

  • Discharge pressure:                    Local ambient

Calibration Requirements
  • Interval:                                        Application dependent, typically bi-annual

  • Cal Gas:                                       Binary mixture representative of sample

Ambient Environment Conditions
  • Temperature:                               10° - 35°C (50° - 95°F)

  • Humidity:                                     <80%

Area Classification
  • Standard:                                     GP

Utility Requirements
  • Line voltage:                                115/230 Vac ±10%, 50/60 Hz

  • Power:                                          740 VA Startup ; 420 VA Running

  • Standard:                                     Ethernet-API (LabVIEW)

  • Optional:                                     Ethernet-RIO+

  • Optional:                                     Modbus TCP/IP; Analog (0-10 VDC)

Physical Dimensions
  • Analyzer cabinet size:                 36"H x 18"W x 18"D
                                                         91cm x 46cm x 46cm

  • Weight:                                        140 lb/63.5 kg

Field Service
Factory Engineer.jpg

As our name of course implies, our company was built on field service. MATE offers plans ranging from simple preventative maintenance to full analyzer coverage, all parts included. Please contact us for a quote.

Spare Parts Support
Parts World.jpeg

Regardless of the vintage of your MATE MGA, we stock spare parts and quick turnaround for critical components including:

  • Filaments

  • Inlet leaks / O-rings

  • Heated inlets

  • New/refurbished sources

  • Vacuum systems

About MA Tech Services, Inc...Our Story

It began with SERVICE. Launched in 1989, MA Tech Services, Inc. (or known more formally around the circles as MATE) created an independent mass spec service organization. We quickly earned a reputation for our ability to fix problems. In 2004, MATE evolved with acquisition of the legendary MGA 1100 product line from GE Medical Systems (who had previously acquired it from Perkin-Elmer). We developed a digital interface to breathe life into the MGA installed base. Now, we have leveraged those experiences to create our next evolution, the MATE MGA 1100i.

For information please call (314) 421-0944

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